Uncanny X-Men 1 cover by David Marquez cropped
(Source: Marvel / David Marquez)

X-Men Reunited by Rogue in Uncanny X-Men #1 Trailer

This August, a new age of X-Men begins with the From the Ashes era. Divided following the fall of Krakoa and the imprisonment of Professor X, Earth’s Mutant heroes are scattered and struggling to survive. A new trailer for Uncanny X-Men #1 shows how Rogue reunites the team.

With the enemies of Mutantkind reorganizing, Mutants need the X-Men more than ever. This leads a reluctant Rogue to step up and get the band back together. Wolverine, Gambit, Jubilee and Nightcrawler join her at a new home in New Orleans. They are quickly allied with four young Mutants in need of sanctuary. However, this new era begins with an unlikely reunion and a battle uncharacteristic of the X-Men. In this case, Logan, Rogue, and Gambit team to fight a dragon outside of Mexico City.

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The Uncanny X-Men #1 trailer and four pages from the book may be viewed below.

UNCX2024001_Preview 1
UNCX2024001_Preview 2
UNCX2024001_Preview 3
UNCX2024001_Preview 4
(Image Source: Marvel / David Marquez)

X-Men reunited and it feels so good, says Gail Simone

Series writer Gail Simone was quick to praise those who came before her in discussing the new book. “The shadows of the giants who have worked on this book are all over the landscape, and it gets a little emotional to think about,” Simone shared. “It’s an honor and a thrill and a panic, all at once.”

Simone went on to speak about what makes Marvel Comics’ Mutant heroes unique, in discussing her plans for the franchise. “Everyone has an X-Man they feel speaks to them directly. My first idea was, I want to lay out a welcome mat for all readers: new, returning and lifelong. They deserve the best mutant stories I can give them. I want to focus on the humanity, no pun intended. Big action, big personalities. There’s no other franchise like it in comics.”

Uncanny X-Men #1 arrives in comic shops everywhere on August 7, 2024.