Jackman Talks More About Wolverine

Entertainment Weekly chatted with Hugh Jackman at ShoWest and he talked more about his Wolverine spinoff film:

Fresh from the set of The Prestige, the magician movie he’s making with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan, Hugh Jackman popped by to accept the Male Star of the Year award — and to answer a few prying questions from EW about his spin-off movie, whose second screenplay draft, by David Benioff (Troy), is due momentarily. ”Wolverine substantiates a feature film,” Jackman said. ”I mean, he’s a really intriguing, mysterious, enigmatic character, à la Mad Max, Dirty Harry, Han Solo — he’s that kind of screen antihero.” So what’s the movie about? ”I’d love to get into the origins of that character and find out what he’s really made of. So that was always my idea…. Benioff came in with a pitch that was so brilliant, I was so excited, I actually tried to get Fox to make it [before X-Men 3]. But they said, ‘No, no, no, we have a trilogy, let’s finish that.”’ Ah, so that means that Wolverine will survive X-Men 3 this summer, right? ”Well, you never know. Wolverine might be a prequel. Wolverine might be a prequel.” Yeah, we heard him — nudge nudge — the first time.

Source: Entertainment Weekly