Superhero Movies Coming to Blu-Ray Disc and HD DVD

The race is on for which next-generation DVD format consumers will prefer (if they will at all, they may just stick to regular DVDs!), and studios have started announcing their first wave of titles that will be released at both the launch of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD.

There’s quite a few announced titles for Blu-ray already (reportedly the leading format; Playstation 3 will also include it) with no dates yet, as the launch date hasn’t been revealed. You can check out the full list here. Some notable superhero titles are Fox’s Fantastic Four, Lionsgate’s The Punisher and Warner Bros.’ Batman Begins and Constantine (Superman Returns is expected later this year as well).

On the HD DVD side, the dates are more specific. Warner Bros. will release Batman Begins and Constantine on March 28, with Superman Returns also on the way this year.

We’ll keep you updated when more superhero titles are announced.