First Look at the X-Men 3 Teaser Trailer!

While in Vancouver visiting the set of X-Men 3, and several other online journalists were asked by Hugh Jackman, in full Wolverine garb, if we had seen the teaser trailer. When we said we hadn’t, he said, “Oh, you’ve got to see it!” Little did we know that he hadn’t seen it either and was actually on his way to check it out. After a quick check with the Fox representatives, Hugh Jackman got approval from our gracious Fox hosts to let us see it with him. He then led us through a maze of trailers to a truck trailer with a screening room. (There’s nothing more surreal than following Wolverine, along with a group of fellow internet geeks, through a movie set.) We all sat down and got to watch the teaser along with Jackman himself. I’ll do my best to recap it.

The trailer is a montage of scenes from the film. It starts out with a voice over by Patrick Stewart. As he talks about the war of mutants (as well as angels and demons), we see a bunch of very, very brief scenes. Here’s what I remember (not necessarily in order):

– The X-Men walking down the hall in the basement of the X-Mansion. We see Wolverine, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and others.

– An exterior shot of the X-Mansion

– Storm walking out of the Mansion doors and looking at a cloudy sky.

– Quick shot of Professor X in a wheelchair.

– A shot of Beast and the other X-Men at what appears to be a funeral.

– A shot of Angel, shirtless and in a lab, quickly unfolding his wings in from of some scientists.

– A quick shot of the President and his advisors.

– Juggernaut in a containment cell.

– A shot of Magneto in the woods flanked by Pyro, Juggernaut, and an Asian mutant among others. Magneto delivers a line and dozens of mutants raise their fists in the air.

– Cyclops screaming at the sky.

– Wolverine meeting Cyclops at Alkali Lake and his glasses flying off and into Wolverine’s hand.

– Jean Grey waking up on an infirmary table.

– An X-Student walking through the halls of the Mansion flying paper airplanes with his powers.

– Storm flying through the air, then spinning and knocking people over.

– Storm flying and knocking Wolverine out of the way of debris falling down (in a Danger Room training sequence).

– A shot of Magneto causing a car to fly up into the cab of a truck.

– A shot of Magneto and other mutants walking along the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bridge then starts ripping and bending apart.

– A shot of Jean Grey casually walking towards a door in the infirmary and it violently blowing apart.

– A scene of Wolverine jumping out of a tree and tearing someone apart with his claws.

– A shot of Mystique jumping onto a desk in front of somebody, and her hands are chained together.

– Wolverine falling down in a corner in between two walls and as he’s falling he’s got his claws sticking out slowing his fall and there are sparks flying from his claws.

The trailer then concludes with the X and Wolverine’s claws as seen on the poster. The reaction to it was overwhelmingly positive among us and we applauded it (which was again surreal with Hugh Jackman there seeing it for the first time with the rest of us).

This teaser gives us our first look at Beast in full makeup. The best way to describe it is to say that Kelsey Grammer looks like the Marvel Legends Beast action figure, at least from the neck up. You’ll have to freeze frame the trailer in order to get a good look at him (or any of the mentioned scenes, for that matter). However, the scene with Angel is what stood out to most of us who watched it together. Seeing him unfold his wings was an impressive sight.

We asked to see it again and they obliged. Jackman even wanted to see it too, so he stuck around. All in all it was a fun evening. You’ll hear more about our visit to the set in coming months.

The X-Men 3 teaser trailer will be attached to “King Kong” when it hits theaters, but it will debut online this coming Monday, Dec. 5th. Watch for it on Apple’s website in High Definition quality.

Thanks again to 20th Century Fox and Hugh Jackman for giving us a sneak peek. You guys are going to love it, too.

Source: Scott Chitwood