UPDATE: Spider-Man 3 Composer Confirmed

‘Kipobe’ writes in with possible confirmation that Christopher Young will score Spider-Man 3:

It’s official. Danny Elfman will NOT be back to score Spider-Man 3 as previously reported, and it has been reported that composer Christopher Young, who completed much of the onscreen score for Spider-Man 2 will helm the project for 2007’s most anticipated film.

An official announcement is expected to be released soon, but this is coming from the same source who first revealed that Danny Elfman wouldn’t be back in the first place.

It’s also believed that there’s a chance Young will reuse alot of Elfman’s existing themes, since they are property of Sony, so for continuity sake the film will feel as much a part of the existing Spider-Man franchise as possible.

Besides Spider-Man 2, Young has quite a filmography, which you can check out here. He’s also expected to score Ghost Rider for Sony.

UPDATE: ‘Dan’ pointed us to Christopher Young’s fansite which claims it’s now official that he’ll score Spider-Man 3.

Source: Kipobe