Clarke Duncan to Return for Sin City 2

Empire Online chatted with Michael Clarke Duncan who says it’s very likely he’ll star in Sin City 2. (Sin City Spoiler Ahead!)

Hang on, though… didn’t Manute die in the first Sin City? Well, yes, but the story that will form the basis for the Robert Rodriguez-Frank Miller sequel, A Dame To Kill For, takes place before Sin City: The Movie. So Duncan’s had a reprieve… now he just needs to get the nod from Frank’n’Robert that he’s returning.

“We’ve talked about it. Manute has a very big role [in that] and I certainly wanna be a part of it. You’ll think, ‘didn’t he get killed?’ but Frank doesn’t do it in order. True fans will understand that.”

Sin City 2 is expected to hit theaters summer 2006.

Source: Empire Online