The Rouths Visit the Superman Set has put up an article from the North Warren Town and County News which talked to Brandon Routh’s parents, Ron and Katie, who visited him on the set of Superman Returns in Australia. Here’s a clip:

Katie said it was so fun to watch the 60-75 people who are on the set every day. Seeing the filming being done over and over and how the intricacies of having everything lined up perfectly from one shoot to another was fascinating. It didn’t make any difference if it was getting Superman’s curl just right or having spots marked on the wall and ceiling to make sure Superman was always flying in the right angle for matching up the previous days shoot. If something wasn’t just perfect, the whole production stopped. It didn’t matter if they were fixing “the curl” or pulleys that let BJ fly. Everyone just stopped and waited – no matter how long it took to fix the problem. Then just like magic – the whole production moved forward, just as if nothing happened.

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