Silver on V For Vendetta & Wonder Woman

Zap2it talked to producer Joel Silver who mentioned both the V For Vendetta and Wonder Woman movies. About the former he said:

“The movie is remarkable,” Silver swears. “They [the Wachowskis] produced it with me. James directed it, he got great performances, but it’s their vision. They designed the movie. It’s a really incredible movie. People are really gonna be blown away by it. It’s big.”

For the latter he added:

“Joss Whedon’s writing the script and he’s really into it,” he notes. He’s had his hands full with ‘Serenity’ and now it’s out. He’s into it. He thinks he can do something really great and when he has a script that we all like, we’ll try to make the movie.”

Of casting the famous Amazon, he adds, “She’s young in the movie. I don’t know if it’s gonna be somebody that we’ve heard of, but it might be.”

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Source: Zap2it