(Photo Credit: DC Studios)

Creature Commandos Star Alan Tudyk Hypes Upcoming DCU Series

Creature Commandos just received some high praise from Alan Tudyk, one of the stars of the forthcoming DC Universe series.

Tudyk shared that Creature Commandos “was the best thing [he] had read in so long,” describing the James Gunn-penned scripts as “moving.” He added, “I can’t wait for people to see it. I’ve now seen some of it and it looks really great.”

Tudyk continued to praise Gunn in an interview with Collider at the Boston Fan Expo, specifically his writing, repeatedly mentioning that “it’s so good.” He also compared his writing style to that of Joss Whedon, noting that both tend to put “humor in everything.”

He explained, “So you have these moving touching stories about these extraordinary characters who can sometimes be metahumans and sometimes just be you know, just interesting people around metahumans, and robots, and animals. He’s funny, and somehow it’s the way in for me to get to some deeper feelings as well. Like when something’s making you laugh and then it pulls the rug out from under you. Like, maybe some people have seen [Whedon’s] Serenity. When the rug gets pulled out of you. Sometimes it comes in the form of a huge telephone pole-sized stake through all of your major organs because that’s big, big stake. Anyway, James does that.”

Who is Alan Tudyk playing in Creature Commandos?

Tudyk will portray Doctor Phosphorus in the DC Universe, beginning with Creature Commandos. Steve Englehart created the metahuman supervillain, who first appeared in DC Comics‘ Detective Comics #469 (1977). Originally a scientist named Alexander James Sartorius, he became Doctor Phosphorus after being exposed to irradiated sand, which gave him the abilities of thermokinesis, radiation manipulation, and superhuman endurance.

Tudyk described Doctor Phosphorus as visually similar to Marvel’s Ghost Rider, noting that both are “a skeleton on fire.” He also confirmed that he would play the supervillain in any live-action DCU project, meaning fans will one day see Tudyk physically portraying Doctor Phosphorus instead of merely voicing him.

Regarding his voice work, Tudyk revealed that he has had “one post-session” recording, explaining that actors will typically “record everything before it’s animated, and then they come back to you after it’s animated and you fill in and do different things and do efforts and, you know, fill in the fights and stuff.”

In Creature Commandos, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) assembles a black ops team comprised of the following monsters: Doctor Phosphorus (Tudyk), G.I. Robot, Weasel (both Sean Gunn), Eric Frankenstein (David Harbour), Nina Mazursky (Zoe Chao), and the Bride of Frankenstein (Indira Varma). Rick Flag Sr. (Frank Grillo) will oversee the team’s missions as its human leader.

Creature Commandos is set to premiere on Max in December 2024.