Emmanuelle Vaugier Talks Painkiller Jane

In the horror sequel Saw II, actress Emmanuelle Vaugier plays Addison, a woman with a troubled past, who has been imprisoned in a deathtrap by the methodical serial killer Jigsaw. After that, she’ll be appearing in the Sci Fi Channel movie Painkiller Jane, which will air on December 10. The movie is based on the character introduced by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti in the comic book “22 Brides,” who has since been teamed in comic books with The Punisher, Hellboy and Vampirella.

While in New York to promote Saw II, Vaugier told ComingSoon.net/SuperheroHype.com about the character. “She’s kind of like an Alias meets G.I. Jane with a little bit of superpowers infused into her life,” she told us. “She was an ordinary girl in the military who was in the top of her game, and she was exposed to biochemical weaponry that changed her genetic make-up, so she has the ability to heal herself. Through the course of the pilot, she’s trying to figure out who’s done this to her and how it’s affecting her body. At the same time, there’s obviously the bad guys trying to find her and duplicate what they’ve done because it’s never worked before. She was kind of a scientific experiment that was surprisingly successful.”

We asked whether she’d be all wrapped-up in bandages like the comic book version of the character. “They didn’t have me in bandages. I sort of have a signature jacket that I wear once I transform into Painkiller Jane, and the signature red spikey hair. It was kind of fun, but the network had a problem with me wearing eye protection during my opening sequence with machine guns and bullets flying everywhere. They’re like ‘We wanna see her face!’ and I’m like ‘But you want me not blind. See not blind is the key here, because then you can have a series.’ We won that battle.”

Saw II opens on Friday, October 28 and Painkiller Jane airs on the Sci Fi Channel on December 10.

Source: Edward Douglas