Fear of Flying Cost McG Superman Returns?

World Entertainment News Network reports that director McG’s fear of flying may have cost him Superman Returns:

Charlie’s Angels movie-maker McG passed on the chance to bring

Superman back to the big screen because he’s terrified of flying. The

claustrophobic director was the first choice to make the fifth

Superman Returns movie but he refused to fly to Sydney, Australia, to

begin work, and The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer has taken

charge of the project, instead. He explains, “I didn’t want to fly

down there… I don’t really freak out that we’re gonna crash but I

freak out (when) everything’s great and you’re at 40,000 feet and

then you realize you’re in a steel tube and you can’t get out of

there and there’s nothing but water everywhere when you look down.”

Fearing that his flying fears could impact the rest of his career,

McG, real name Joseph Nichol, is trying to conquer his fears with

private lessons in keeping his cool while in the air. He adds, “I’m

getting better. I mean I try to figure it out and charter a plane and

get used to it and do some more flying… It helped me just figure

out what was going on and just get more comfortable.”

Source: World Entertainment News Network