Simon Kinberg on X-Men 3

IGN Filmforce got a chance to talk to X-Men 3 co-writer Simon Kingerg and he discusses director Brett Ratner, Gambit and much more. Here’s a clip on Ratner and Jean Grey:

Well, first and foremost, Brett starts from a love of the comics. He’s got an immense respect for the X-Men universe. He’s also got a lot of respect for Bryan’s films, so he’s not trying to create a radically different template. He’s staying loyal to the tone of the first two films, but he’s making this movie more visceral and emotional. Since we’re dealing with one of the most intense storylines in X-Men history, he knows how important emotion is. And the actors have really responded to him. Wait till you see Famke Janssen in this film. She’s going to blow your mind.

Check out the full interview at the link above.

Source: Stax