Stewart Talks Secrets of X3 has posted a bit of Patrick Steward at a recent CON appearence. Below is an excerpt.

It was never a guarantee that Patrick Stewart (“Captain Picard”) would make this convention, because of a shifting start date on “X-Men 3,” in which Stewart reprises the role of “Professor Xavier.” In fact, the movie started production just the previous week in Vancouver, but he was still able to get away for a weekend in Vegas. “We have shot five days on ‘X-Men 3,'” he announced to hearty applause.

“It’s wonderful,” he continued about the new movie during his Sunday appearance. “Already some amazing things have been put in the can, some surprises — [including] one surprise which will never even appear in a script form. We’ve just shot it. It’s so secret, that there was never, ever allowed anything to be on paper about it.”

As X-fans should know, the third film in the franchise has a different director than the previous two, and Stewart commented on that. “I think Brett Ratner is going to do a fantastic job on this movie. He’s an extraordinary, gifted man, and I think the perfect choice to direct X3. We miss Bryan Singer, of course, because this is the man that launched this franchise so outstandingly.” The film will continue production through December, during which Stewart will be working on it intermittently.

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Source: roraz