SHH! Reviews the Sin City DVD

Superhero Hype! has had a chance to check out the bare-bones Sin City DVD that is hitting stores on Tuesday, August 16. The only extra on the disc is a Behind-the-Scenes feature. Here’s a clip:

One thing becomes immediately obvious when looking at the bonus features on this DVD – a Sin City special edition DVD is on the way. The only thing included here is a 10-minute promotional video that only gives a brief taste of the making of the movie. There are no extended interviews with the cast and crew, no behind the scenes specials on the effects, nothing on the makeup, and nothing on the music. If you like bonus features, then you’re going to be very disappointed. I would only recommend buying this DVD if you can’t wait to get a better version later.

You can read our full review at here.

Source: Superhero Hype!