New Superman Returns Set Pic

‘OzDJ’ pointed us to this link which a Mustang with a Metropolis license play on the Superman Returns set:

Walking up Elizabeth Street to the bus stop. Heard the burble of a rather loud exhaust. Turned around to see a teal-coloured Mustang with “METROPOLIS” numberplates. WTF?!

And then I remembered… they are working on scenes for the next Superman flick “Superman Returns” (codenamed/working title “Red Sun”) in Sydney CBD tonight. If anyone’s interesting in popping down there for a sticky-beak, they will be filiming until 2am (around Elizabeth, Bligh and Phillip Streets). Then they’ll spend the next couple of hours packing up before the roads reopen around 4.30am tomorrow (Monday).

Hit the link above to view the picture.

Source: OzDJ