X-Men 3 Casting Call Report

Scooper ‘Duke Winter’ told us how today’s X-Men 3 casting call in Victoria:

I just wanted to write to you and update you on the X-Men 3 casting call in Victoria BC Canada. My friend and I arrived fairly early, around 9AM for an 11AM casting call time. When we arrived there were around 8 other people there. Over the course of the next two hours, I would estimate another 500 people, if not more, arrived. It was a really comfortable atmosphere, with everyone being polite and talking to one another.

The casting process started PROMPTLY at 11 with all of us filing into the Conference Room of the “Vacation Inn”. There were drinks to the side, which we were welcome to, and forms of the table for us to fill out. Once we were done filling out the forms (there didn’t seem to be an NDA [non disclosure agreement] yet, but I assume we’ll be asked to fill out one on set) we had out pictures taken, then we were given a standard thank you, and information letter, and sent out on our way.

The letter just has general information about when we may be contacted, if at all, and what we should bring with us to any given shoot. It also notes that we’re not allowed to bring camera’s or autograph books with us. All in all, quite a good day. I can’t wait to see if I get casted.

Source: Duke Winter