Latest Fantastic Four Movie Bits

With under three days to go, we’ve received a few new updates on the Fantastic Four movie. ‘Fantastic_Sox_Fan’ writes in about a new TV spot he caught:

I was just watching the Red Sox/Rangers pregame on the New England Sports Network (NESN) and they showed a “customized” Fantastic Four trailer. They spliced in the Red Sox own “Fantastic Four” (Damon, Ortiz, Manny & Varitek) into one of the FF trailers. I don’t see the spot listed on the NESN site or anything, but this may interest Red Sox fans out there. I thought it was pretty cool.

Speaking of clips, ‘The Trailer Navigator’ pointed us to two more featurettes on the film which you can watch here and here.

‘FilmRoach’ also writes:

Yesterday in LA, 20th Century Fox had an interesting way of advertising the Fantastic Four. They had a plane sky-write the infamous 4 logo just like Johnny Storm would. My friend Jen snapped a photo so you could see it.

Source: Superhero Hype!