Spider-Man 3 Crew Updates

Scooper ‘Robert’ sent in a rundown of who looks to be doing what on Spider-Man 3, which starts filming in January for a May 4, 2007 release date:


Lots of people are wondering who the villains are going to be in Spider-Man 3. It looks like one of the designers who’s working on the film dropped a major hint. Design extraordinarre Harald Belker (Spider-Man, Minority Report, Stealth) said the following in a great article (date June 17, 2005) on the Batmobile:

Mr. Belker, who is currently developing gadgets for “Spider-Man 3.”

Whats interesting about this? This is the same person who designed the pumpkin bombs in Spider-Man 1 and also came up with (unused) designs for the Goblin glider. I think this fits into a post on his official site about his work on the first film:

My time spent on Spider-man was only 3 month in the beginning of pre-production. We all had shots at the glider and other gadgets. At that time everything was not comic book, more real technology. In the end it all turned to a total comic book based design, and the only contribution of mine that made it into the movie was the Pumpkin bomb. Which apparently will celebrate a comeback in the 3rd installment.

Source Links: The Washington Times, HaraldBelker.com, IMDb.com


I’ve been able to confirm the following additions to the art department. They’ve been busy working on this mega film for the some time now.

Production Designer – Neil Spisak (Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2)

Costumer Designer – James Acheson (Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2) – Three time of an Academy Award.

Art Director – Chris Burian-Mohr (Amistad, Time Machine, Last Samurai)

Scenic Designer – Zack Bunker (Carnivale)

Source: ZackBunker.com


Some new additions to visual effects super Scott Stokdyk’s crew at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Animatic Artist/Storyboard Artist – Ryan Woodward (Iron Giant, Spider-Man 2)

‘Digital Character Group’ recruiter at Imageworks – Rachelle Lewis (Shrek 2, Ghost Rider)


Even though the movie is 2 years away Sony have already started to test (or work?) the sound of whats to come.

Source: SonyPicturesStudios.com


I’ve never read about this anywhere else. As it turns out the Carter Center organized some sort of auction to generate funds for its charity. One of the eyecatchers was this:


(Catalog Number 24)

The lucky winners of this package will receive two tickets to the Hollywood world premiere of “Spider-man 3” in 2006 or 2007. In addition to the excitement of the premiere and seeing all the stars, you will dine in the Rita Hayworth executive dining room at Sony Pictures and visit movie and television sets on the back lot at Sony. You will also receive a copy of the newspaper with the headline announcing that Spider-man had thrown away his costume from the movie “Spider-man 2.” The newspaper comes framed with a certificate of authenticity. Round-trip domestic coach air travel for two is included; however, lodging is not. Flexibility is recommended as the date of the “Spider-man 3” movie premiere is not yet established.

Donors: Pictures Entertainment, American Express One Travel

Value: $1,000.00

Winning Bid: $4,500.00

Source: CarterCenter.org

Source: Robert