Kinberg, Gaiman & Turner on X-Men

WGA talked to X-Men 3 screenwriter Simon Kinberg who gave a taste of what we can expect:

I love the Bourne films, but the movies I’ve written recently are a little more comedic, although I am working on X-Men 3 right now and that’s certainly a more somber, serious tone. And it’s really about character. I thought the first two X-Men movies were so effective because they were truly rooted in this strange, dysfunctional family of mutants, versus just about what they can blow up.

That full interview is available at the link above. What follows could be potentially a BIG SPOILER, so turn back now if you’d rather not know a thing.

Neil Gaiman on his official Journal said that he visited the X-Men 3 offices:

I spent about 45 minutes a few days ago in the X-Men 3 offices, seeing what they’d planned for the movie, watching animatics of some of the sequences, admiring the concept art. I heard people there muttering about the fact they’d got a movie coming out in May 2006 and they didn’t seem to have the budget to make the film they were planning, and how they’d probably be reduced to a pulse-pounding tiddlywinks battle between Magneto and Wolverine in the final sequence — but they all seemed very committed to the project, while hoping that their budget and time issues could be worked out with the powers that be.

Also, Sheldon Turner talked to the WGA about writing the Magneto spin-off:

With Magneto, the first thing I did was go back and read every comic book with a reference to him in it. What you find is that there’s some really smart stuff there. There’s some stuff you can take and some things that you respectfully reject because you have to ask: Is it going to play cinematically? It’s a negotiation of sorts because you don’t want to get all the X-Men fans abuzz about how you didn’t pay respect to the core origin, but you also have to make it accessible to those who don’t know who Magneto is. Even if you haven’t seen an X-Men movie, good drama is good drama.

That full interview is available here.