Fantastic Four Movie Update

‘Scooper’ ‘Lightning Strikez!’ tells us that Michael Chiklis is featured in the new issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine for Fantastic Four:

Wassup Hype–thought I’d pass along something interesting: About a month ago the publishers of Muscle & Fitness conducted an online voting competition, allowing fans to choose the company’s June 2005 magazine cover story.

With the theme “Get Super Power”, actor Michael Chiklis AKA Benjamin Grimm/The Thing was among the proposed options. Fans from across the country submitted their votes to the publishers in support of Ben Grimm landing his first musclebound expose.

Due to the poll results, a full-length cover story on Michael Chiklis has been released in stores this week. The article capitalizes on reader’s interest in both fitness and comics by focusing on the diet and exercise regimen Michael used to handle the physicality of his role during filming.

Included are some nice behind-the-scenes shots of Michael in and out of costume–some of which have been previously unreleased till now. The story also highlights the stars and plot of the upcoming Fantastic Four film.

Also, The Hollywood Reporter says Klipmart made ads for Fantastic Four which you may have seen on Superhero Hype! already:

Klipmart’s ads for 20th Century Fox’s “Fantastic Four” use a new kind of online video technology that provide marketers with more opportunities for creativity.

The New York-based company calls their innovation the Big Picture. When first encountered, the ad unit — which automatically begins playing video as soon as the page loads — looks normal. But when consumers accept the suggestion to roll their cursor over it, the video window expands dramatically and adds full audio.

The full article is up at the link above.

Source: Superhero Hype!