What’s Your Superpower?

Beginning this weekend, discover your greatest strengths – and maybe, your unique superpower. It’s all on a new website: WhatsYourSuperpower.com.

Visitors to WhatsYourSuperpower.com can take a multiple-choice and true/false quiz that will ascertain if they have a superpower, and if so, its nature. What’s you favorite color? What would you do if you saw a person trapped under a car? What animal would you like to be? What’s the best accessory for a superhero? Your answers to these and other questions will reveal the superpower within.

In addition, visitors to the site will get a sneak peak at the superpowers of some of the world’s most beloved heroes: the Fantastic Four. Via special clips from the new motion picture Fantastic Four, visitors can see Mr. Fantastic stretch his body into unimaginable shapes; The Thing’s super strength and virtual indestructibility; Invisible Woman’s control of invisible force fields; and The Human Torch controlling fire.

Do you suspect a friend has superpowers? That, too, you can discover at WhatsYourSuperpower.com.

So, what’s your superpower?

Fantastic Four opens nationwide July 8th.

Source: 20th Century Fox