Scott Madej Cast in X-Men 3?

‘Quesar’ sent in this possible scoop today:

Just listening to BBC 2 this morning! Scott Madej has been cast as a younger version of Charles Xavier, not as Gambit as Cinescape has reported. They also mentioned that he was cast possibly for a flashback sequence, but that it was unconfirmed what role a younger Xavier will have. I’m guess it is plot related? Sounds good to me.

We also received an e-mail (along with the above picture) on Friday from a scooper that said Madej has actually been cast as Gambit in the film, so we’re not sure which one is true, or if either of them are true at all:

I can tell you that Gambit has been cast by a relatively unknown, well completely unknown actually! I scoured and can only confirm that he has done some stage work in Chicago and maybe a few lower budgeted independent films. The name is Scott Madej. He will be playing good ol’ Remy. That’s all i know. I am 99% sure on that tidbit, and it will be announced early next week, possibly on Monday.

We’ll have to see what Fox says about all this.

Source: Superhero Hype!