Dana Reeve Comments on Brandon Routh

In an interview with “Access Hollywood,” actress Dana Reeve says that Superman Returns star Brandon Routh “looks so much like” her late husband Christopher Reeve, who was first to play the superhero in a feature film. The interview airs on “Access Hollywood,” Tuesday, May 10, 2005.

“He looks so much like Chris!” said Reeve. “It’s the same except the boots are black and the cape is black.”

The actress, who spent her first Mother’s Day without both her husband and her late mother, said she and her son Will did their best to remain upbeat. “Amidst the pain and challenges, we are looking at the positive things and weren’t sitting around moaning and groaning,” she said. “We made a toast to my mom, rather than crying about what you lost, smile about what you have. That is really the way we try to live our lives.”

Reeve also revealed that she does still wear her late husband’s wedding ring around her neck. “I’m wearing his…enormous ‘Shrek’ sized ring,” she said. “I don’t know if I always will wear the ring, but at the moment it just feels like I want to be wearing it. I’m not ready to take it off yet.”

Source: Access Hollywood