Raimi on the Spider-Man 3 Villains?

‘Kas’ tells us that director Sam Raimi recently talked about the Spider-Man 3 villains (yes, as in more than one):

I just read an interview that the biggest Brazilian newspaper, Estado de S. Paulo, did last week with Sam Raimi. Here’s what Luiz Carlos Merten (the best brasilian movie critic in my opinion), who did the interview, said:

The interview is about to end and we still haven’t talked about SPIDER-MAN 3. “We are working ahead of time in the digital post-production because this movie will have even more visual effects than the other two”, says Raimi.

He explains that this time one of the more complicated things is to combine the make up effects and the costumes. “I want to create a completely new look for the VILLAINS. The costumes they will wear will be sensational. You can quote me on that”.

It is, of course, not yet confirmed that Raimi really said that. But stay tuned fans, this could get interesting…

Source: A Galáxia