More Ghost Rider Set Pics and a Report!

‘Brian Q’ wrote in about the Ghost Rider sets Down Under with news on the bridge sequence and a new location. Here is his report and pictures:

I went down to Yarra river footbridge last night to watch the filming of the bridge sequence from ‘Ghost Rider’. (I snuck in behind the fence at the train station for some close ups!) This sequence involved the police and swat team storming the bridge with a chopper circling. Following the character who is being pursued (ghost rider?)diving into the river, the police trained their weapons on the water.

A later sequence shot involved the snipers and police training their weapons on a currently unidentified target. These sequences are being directed by a female, identified here in the pink top on the bridge (2nd unit director?). On completion, construction workers set about installing a platform for a possible stunt sequence.

Meanwhile in Hosier St, a few blocks away, they were filming an alleyway sequence. I got talking to the security staff who said it was principle photography but I am unsure who was present.

Source: Brian Q