New Ghost Rider Set Reports!

‘BR-26354’ wrote in tonight with news from the Ghost Rider front in Australia:

The hellcycle was there, though they had it covered with a grey tarp – luckily there was a little wind so every now and then the tarp would blow up and reveal the bike (tarp goes up, “Aaaaah”; tarp goes down, “Awwww” . From what I could see it looked pretty damn cool. Someone I met there was lucky enough to arrive as they were wheeling it out of the trailer that transported it and saw it in its full glory. Does anybody know if it is actually a real bike or just a prop? Be interested to know if it works. Also, there was rubble and broken concrete all around where the hellcycle was positioned.

There were a whole bunch of american police cars and one motorcycle there, along with a couple of SWAT vans parked on the side of the road. The SWAT vans were labelled ‘Special Weapons Attack Team’. I could be mistaken, but isn’t SWAT an abbreviation for Special Weapons and Tactics? I dunno if it’s an error or that’s what SWAT means in Texas (?). Americans please help!

What else … Ah yes, there were two or three signs up against the AXA building that said (I could be wrong, my memory fails me) Longhorne, Texas Insurance Co. with a logo of a bull beneath/beside the text.

They did a few takes of the extras ducking, most throwing their arms over their heads etc and yelling. They then got a bunch of guys in american police and SWAT uniforms to basically do the same but with a loud bang that blew dust over them.

That’s about all I saw.

‘ak’ also wrote in with some more location info:

I live on collins street almost opposite the AXA forecourt. All residents received a notice about the filming of Ghost Rider.

They are shooting tonight at the AXA forecourt from 8pm to 6am [they shot last night also].

They are also shooting throughout the night next wednesday, thursday & friday at AXA.

I heard Nicholas Cage left Melbourne. Is this true??

Source: Superhero Hype!