Kinberg on a Possible Fantastic Sequel

Now Playing Magazine got a chance to talk to screenwriter Simon Kinberg who mentioned a possible sequel. Here’s a clip:

But what is interesting is that we were talking about that when we working on the first movie, and we thought about the franchise as a saga,” he says. “We thought, ‘Where does this saga go after the first movie?’ And you will see that it is not just an origin story of the Fantastic Four; it is also an origin story of Dr. Doom, and it is not until fairly late in the first movie [that] he fully becomes Dr. Doom. And there is a lot of space for him to grow in futures films, and I am sure they will want to bring in other villains because all of these franchises do, but I have a feeling he’ll be to Fantastic Four what Magneto is to X-Men.”

And what about Galactus? See what Kinberg thinks about the character at the link above.

Source: Now Playing Magazine