Superman Lands at Metropolis General

An update on the filming in Wynyard Park – has posted news and photos from the latest round of filming on Superman Returns.


York Street, Sydney was the place to be today if you were looking for Bryan Singer and the cast and crew of “Superman Returns”.

The whole of Wynyard Park had been blocked off to public access, with security and police at every vantage point. Wearing my Superman T-shirt, I was quickly indentified as someone they needed to watch out for, but it was also a blessing, as the local media (TV and newspaper, who were also blocked out) quickly latched onto me for interviews and information. They were filming a scene outside a building which they converted into Metropolis General Hospital. This was reportedly the largest scene they’d be shooting for the movie, with around 1,300 extras being employed for the scene.

The extras were used as crowd, standing around outside the Hospital, holding banners and waving flags. The banners read, “Save Our Superman”, “I love Superman”, “Superman Don’t Die!”, “God Speed Superman”. There were also dozens and dozens of flower arrangements lying in the park (as if in tribute for someone who was sick or dying).

To read the full article by Steve Younis and see the photos, hit the links above.

Source: Superman HomePage