Fantastic Four Game Music and Trailer

MTV has the latest on the new Fantastic Four movie game. Here’s a clip:

But a new song Lazzara and co-vocalist Fred Mascherino were working on turned out to be perfect for Richards’ angsty internal struggle: a tune called “Error Operator.” After getting the thumbs-up from Activision reps, TBS hit the studio to record the track — and get their hands on lots of free “Fantastic Four” swag.

“Error Operator” serves as Mr. Fantastic’s theme in the game, and it’s just one of four original songs composed by bands for each of the Fantastic Four’s heroes. Jurassic 5 contributed “Clobberin’ Time” for the Thing, Boston punkers the Explosion recorded “I’m on Fire” for the Human Torch, and all-girl rockers Go Betty Go ripped through “Everywhere” for the Invisible Woman. There are plans to release all four songs on an EP, which would be free with the purchase of the game.

Check out the full article at the link above, where you can also watch a trailer for the game!

Source: Andrew