The Batman has a Spunky New BATGIRL

The fine folks over at have a first look of the new BATGIRL for season two of The Batman.

As in previous TV and comic-book incarnations, this Dark Knight Damsel is Police Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara. But in a new twist, she’s just a teenager who turns to fighting crime with cape and cowl after her father puts the kibosh on her plans to become a police detective.

Producer and art director Jeff Matsuda based the Batgirl character’s design on the ’60s live-action Batman series, especially the striking purple hue made famous by Yvonne Craig. He also cops to being influenced by “the cartoons I grew up on,” including Battle of the Planets and Thundercats.

Batgirl joins Season 2 of The Batman which begins in the fall. (The first year is still airing on WB Saturdays at 10:30 am/ET, with repeats on Cartoon Network on Saturdays at 8:30 pm/ET beginning April 2.)

Follow the link above for more information on the new Batgirl.

Also, For an exclusive first look at Batgirl’s first archenemy, Poison Ivy, pick up the April 3 issue of TV Guide magazine, on sale Thursday.

Source: TV Guide