Very Positive Review of Sin City

With SIN CITY only a week away the reviews are sure to be flying all over the net. One of the first positive reviews is at by Khalil Asadullah.

Vintage cars, violence, sleazy women, violence, corrupt cops and well- violence. This is why you have to watch your own back in “Sin City.” “Sin City,” the place where the line between the good guys and the bad guys is thinner than Scott Peterson’s alibi and a place called Old Town makes Mos Eisley look like a Club Med resort. Frank Miller is the author of what has been called one of the best graphic novels created. And finally, someone has made a movie based on a comic book where you can sit the screen on your lap and turn each scene like a page.

This film is a combination of “Pulp Fiction” and your 1950’s detective narrative. The classic noir of a black and white film meets the world of the graphic novel with simple characters in complex situations. The movie is divided into three different storylines based on the many different books under the title “Sin City.” If you haven’t gotten the books, you are cheating yourself. Though the movie is an unblemished and unchanged adaptation of the books, there are definitely certain nuances about the characters that the books give more depth on that the movie can only hint at. Smells like a sequel.

SIN CITY hits theaters April 1st.

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Source: CBR