New Ghost Rider Set Report

‘Maarten’ is back with more from the Ghost Rider set in Melbourne:

I’ve found some more information about the filming of Ghost Rider this past Thursday night. It’s purely word of mouth from a co-worker, but it’s a trusted source.

After leaving the set on Thursday night, from what I thought was simply going to be a night of exterior shots, turned into two of the cast turning up to do some filming!

Who were they? Why, only Nicolas Cage and Donal Logue! And they turned up a mere 1/2 an hour after I’d left. Again! Argh!!!

Not too happy, but still quite pleased to hear Donal’s in the country.

My co-worker said he stayed from 9-11pm and saw Nicolas Cage in a cowboy hat and long black jacket, handling a duffel bag. In another scene he and Donal walked towards the camera with Donal wheeling the stuntcycle.

Sounded pretty cool to me, and I’m pleased to hear about the cowboy hat.

I’m going back to the set on Wednesday night and I’ve vowed to stick around until I see something cool.

You can view several pictures of Cage wearing the hat and jacket here.

Source: Maarten