Avi Arad on Marvel Studios’ Upcoming Slate!

Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad talked at a webcast from the Bear Stearns Conference today and gave an update on the company’s upcoming movie slate. Here is the rundown, thanks to ‘a1ant’:

X-MEN 3: (Paraphrasing) “Going to the future…we are feverishly working on X-MEN! The cast is IN. We will shortly announce the director. This week was active, because everyone was in this week for Oscar. Our choices are very interesting. X-Men is a drama, and we want to get it right for X3. An announcement will come very soon!”

PUNISHER 2: A script is finished. They did bad in the box-office, because of KILL BILL 2, said Arad.

SUB MARINER: “It’s STAR WARS, under water. It’s our version of the TERMINATOR.”

LUKE CAGE: They wanted Jamie Foxx for the project, before his Oscar win. Now he’s not sure if they could get him, but said they might find “the next Jamie Foxx”.

DAREDEVIL 2: “Daredevil’s going to take a rest.”

HULK 2: “Active development.”

FANTASTIC FOUR: The “feel good movie of the Summer.” There’s supposed to be a presentation and premiere of new footage at the Showest Convention.

Source: a1ant