Batman Begins Footage Shown at Wonder-Con

Scooper ‘L’ reports in from Wonder-Con where Warner Bros. showed new Batman Begins footage (spoilers ahead!):

Just got home from Wondercon in San Francisco. Maybe you can use this, let me know. Christian Bale was there, along with 6 minutes of completed footage from Batman Begins. The highlights:

-Bruce urging his parents to leave the opera house early, thus meaning he blames himself for the unknown mugger waiting outside to shoot them.

– Bruce meeting with mob boss Carmine Falcone, who tells Bruce that he is “the prince of Gotham. ” and that he’d have to go a thousand miles to find someone who didn’t know his name..and so that’s what Bruce does.

– Ra’ Al Ghul saying Gotham must be destroyed. And then shots of Wayne Manor on fire.

-the final, and BEST footage- The Scarecrow and Batman face to face in a dark hallway. The Scarecrow sprays some liquid on Batman, and then holds up a lighter ( the Superbowl shot) before lighting Batman on fire and then kicking him out the window to a huge fall before. The best is when the Scarecrow asks in a concerned/creepy voice “Oh, are you having trouble?” Amazing stuff.

‘egoisland’ added more on the presentation:

I was at the Batman Begins viewing as well. Christian Bale said he was on for a total of three films.

Oh, and the footage also implied that Bruce got his training from Ra’s al Ghul’s shadow legion.

And there was another scene after Bruce falls down the well, Thomas Wayne propels down very Batman like and Saves Bruce.

Source: L