Hugh Laurie Talks About Superman

In a USA Today chat with “House” star Hugh Laurie, the actor talked briefly about starring as Perry White in director Bryan Singer’s Superman. Here’s a clip:

New York, NY: Congratulations on being cast as Perry White in “Superman Returns”! Do you plan to prepare in any way – research the Superman mythology, maybe look at earlier Perry White performances – or will it be a brand new reinvention of the role? And I know you’re not allowed to discuss the script (that is, if you’ve been allowed to read it yet), but oh please please please, is there the slightest chance you might share a scene with Kevin Spacey? Give me a crumb. Pretty please? – moonlash

Hugh Laurie: I will certainly look at the old ‘Superman’ movies again. To do something new, you have to know what’s been done!

The full transcription is available at the link above.

Source: USA Today