Seconds of the Fantastic Four Trailer Seen

‘Meaw Gene’ saw 25 seconds of the new Fantastic Four trailer and gave us the following. More fans are also discussing the clips on the SHH! Boards:

I just saw 25 seconds of the trailer the goes up with every copy of Elektra tomorrow. Let me say that I was pleasantly surprised. Being a fan of the Four – let alone a comic fan – there were some things (actually just Dr. Doom) that I was annoyed with, but I can let that go after seeing Marvel’s previous films. All I can say is that some change is good. The best Thing about the trailer, besides Jessica Alba looking hot, is that The Thing did not look fake. I was worried when the studio decided to go with man in suit vs. CG but in the end the result was, dare I say it, Fantastic. Anyways, my friend told me that these 25 seconds I was able to watch will be airing on Friday night’s Access Hollywood and that TRL will have a seperate 20 seconds of the trailer.

Source: Mean Gene