Sheldon Turner on the Magneto Spinoff has posted quotes from Magneto screenwriter Sheldon Turner which appeared in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Turner’s intent for the film is to examine Magneto’s “psychological roots”. The plot will also deal with the character’s friendship turned sour with Charles Xavier. The man who went on to form the team known as the X-Men.

“It’s going to take place from 1939 Auschwitz up to 1955 or so,” says Turner. With that in mind, that would make the film, MAGNETO a ‘period prequel’ to the X-MEN movies.

Since a major bulk (if not all) of the film will take place during this period, it is doubtful that actor Sir Ian McKellen will return for the film, though there are still possible ways of having the actor in portions of the film. The film will chronicle the character’s early life, and what turned him against humans.

Thanks to ‘Anthony’ for the heads up.