Harris on Superman, Wilkinson on Batman Begins

Dave Larson from the Dayton Daily News talked to both Dan Harris about co-writing the new Superman movie and Tom Wilkinson about playing Falcone in Batman Begins. First up is Harris:

“Superman, wait till you see it, it’s going to be amazing,” Harris said. “I wish I could tell you anything about it, but they would murder me. We’re almost done with the script. We start shooting in March. Bryan Singer is directing it. It will be a back-to-basics Superman. There will be no changing of the mythology. It will be the most iconic, epic version of Superman told so far. It won’t be an origin story.”

Then Wilkinson commented on Christopher Nolan’s adaptation:

“This is kind of a prequel, this Batman, so it’s a young Batman Ñ Batboy,” Wilkinson said. “And it’s how he sort of first becomes Batman. I’m the first bad guy he hunts down and brings to justice. Mr. Falcone, he’s called. It’s good,” Wilkinson added. “I enjoyed doing it.”

Source: Gustavo