Fantastic Four Finale Set Report

Scooper ‘Chris’ sent in this report on the shooting of the finale for Fantastic Four, which of course includes a few spoilers:

Evening of Nov. 18th and I took my first trip by the big finale of FF. They’ve got 4 blocks cordoned off, with lights on cranes, water being misted into the air making the big city look VERY cool, and I got to see The Thing! He was a long way away, but the suit looks very cool, and he can move in it as normal. In fact, I saw The Thing take a big slurp out of a bottle of water like any actor would, but it’s cool as he’s wearing probably 30 pounds (if not more) of suit.

The P.A. that blocked me from going further said they’d been at the location for going on a month, and then had the temerity to bum a smoke and a light from me before I got bored and went home. After all, I’d seen The Thing, so that did it for me. But around 11 from my apartment balcony, the sky lit up with lights from god knows what happening, and I just sat and watched from afar. The P.A. said they were “getting to” the finale, but I didn’t see the other 3 of the team. Maybe if I’d had binoculars!

Anyways- the scene is this- Thing vs. Doom(?) with cop cars all over the place, and about 100 people (extras) going “crap!”

The lighting was great- big ass fans blowing mist over four square blocks of Vancouver.

Source: Chris