Blade: Trinity’s Music to Slay By Launched

New Line Cinema and New Line Records have teamed up to launch “Music To Slay By,” a unique online promotion tied to the Dec. 8 release of Blade: Trinity. Available online at as well as, “Music To Slay By” is a contest and content web site inspired by the final installment of the “Blade” trilogy, which stars Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. Contestants are invited to create their own “slaylist’ of songs they would listen to while slaying vampires, just as Abigail Whistler (Biel’s character) does before heading into action in the explosive film.

“My character listens to music throughout the film, creating ‘Slaylists’ to hunt by,” said Blade: Trinity star Jessica Biel. “Lately, my personal music list runs from Bob Marley to Joss Stone. The Music To Slay By website allows fans to share their personal soundtracks with the ‘Blade: Trinity’ community.”

Site visitors can also browse other users’ slaylists and rate them. Each week beginning Nov. 17 and extending through the film’s release, the user with the highest rated slaylist will win an Apple iPod.

In addition to the user-submitted slaylists, the site also features several celebrity slaylists from Blade: Trinity cast members Reynolds, Biel, Parker Posey and write and director David Goyer.

“Music in ‘Blade: Trinity’ was key to the characters and the pace of the film. Working with the RZA as the co-composer for this film was fantastic because I’ve long been a fan of his sound. He has an ear for the unusual and I wanted his imprint throughout the score, interweaving his sounds and beats with the more traditional orchestral music,” said Goyer. “This promotion gives us the opportunity to share our musical tastes with fans through the active community boards on the ‘Blade: Trinity’ website. Jessica, Ryan and I have all enjoyed this one-on-one interaction with ‘Blade’ enthusiasts.”

The site also contains samples from the Blade: Trinity soundtrack, as well as video previews of a unique manga comic and anime short which are featured on the special deluxe edition of the film’s soundtrack. An exclusive “Music To Slay By” e-card is also available on the site.

Source: New Line Cinema