Fantastic Four Vancouver Set Report

Scooper ‘Frozone’ tells us he got to take a peek at the Fantastic Four set in Vancouver (possible spoilers ahead!):

I was just on the set on Fantastic Four here in Vancouver. I just wanted to get by what i saw happen today, which may (or may not be ) already be news to you. just to get this across, i wasn’t one of the people across the street, and i wasn’t an extra, i was IN the set. I was about 10 feet away from the stunt double in the thing outfit, that close. I was watching them film a part of the fight between Dr.Doom and Thing, when Doom takes a broken street lamp and swings it at THing when he’s running at him full speed, hitting him then throwing Thing back 30 feet, then landing on the ground and causing a crater where he lands.

Now what I saw shot today were 2nd units getting coverage of the cool stuff, the wire work. THey first got smoke machines going like crazy and smoked all of burrard street in vancouver, which makes the street lamps softer in the distance (those of you who don’t know this, smoke is a very good lighting tool and diffuses the light to give a softer look to the film). Thing ran at doom a few times, close ups on the feet, close up above the waist. What i noticed is that thing was in his “Uniform” which consists of him wearing only the FF blue tights, 4 logo and the big black boots (yep, he wears boots). This night was also the first time i saw DOOM so i have to be honest, I’m not too impressed on a first impression, but then again all i saw was a guy in a metal mask swing a pole. no context as to why he wears what he wears.

In the directors tent with the playback monitors i saw the footage from the night before being looped, where thing gets hit like a baseball, its quite something! This must have been a major fight towards the end of the film.

The great thing is that they are going for the more realistic look in everything. They’re using more on set, in camera effects than usual because otherwise it looks fake. The footage shot so far seems to have a very slick look to it. Not loud and vibrate like batman. The location was lit to naturally look like it was night. Thing is cool looking, and seeing him tossed around is even cooler. When Thing walked up to me my jaw dropped. I was really sold by the suit.

Source: Frozone