Big First Day for The Incredibles!

Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles had a big first day as the animated action-comedy earned $20.9 million at the box office, which is slightly higher than “Finding Nemo”‘s first day of $20.2 million. It should be another huge first weekend for a Pixar film with probably around $80 million for the three days. “The Grudge” came in at number two with $4.3 million and “Ray” at number three with $4 million.

Meanwhile, The Incredibles writer and director Brad Bird told Moviehole that he would be up for a sequel:

Well, you know, I think some people nowadays think that anytime a movie is successful it magically is a franchise and I don’t think that is true of every project. I don’t think that we need Jaws II, however, I do think we need Empire Strikes Back or Godfather II or Road Warrior or a Goldfinger so I think that if you get the original film makers and the intent of the original filmmakers is to equal or better the one that everyone like then they believe going in that they can do that then I would, you know, I love these characters and I would, you know, if I could do Incredibles II that was to Incredibles what Toy Story II was to Toy Story, I would do it.

Source: ShowBiz Data