Singer, Harris, and Dougherty Talk Superman

Washington Square News reports that Superman director Bryan Singer and screenwriters Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty talked about the upcoming Superman movie at NYU last week. Here’s a clip from the article:

“We’re going to cast an unknown,” declared Singer, who signed on to direct the new film earlier this year. Dan Harris and NYU alum Mike Dougherty, the duo that co-wrote the screenplay for Singer’s “X2,” are in the process of penning the script.

“It doesn’t require a star to go see it. It’s Superman – it’s its own brand – and…” He trailed off. How does one rationalize rejecting a star?

“Known actors bring baggage, in a way,” Harris said. “Sort of distracts you from who [Superman] really is.”

The crew plans on moving to Sydney in November and will begin shooting in March.

Hit the link above for the full article! Meanwhile, Smallville star Tom Welling tells the New Zealand Herald that he’ll stick to the small screen:

“It would be something to consider but I don’t even let myself think about it. It’s too big an idea,” he smiles.

Source: Washington Square News