David Boreanaz Was Up for Fantastic Four?

Moviehole sent us a possible update on David Boreanaz, which says that he was up for a Fantastic Four role and that he tested for Superman

The last few weeks there’s been a rumour floating about David Boreanaz doing something with a ‘Four’ in the title. Everyone assumed he was talking about ‘Jurassic Park 4’. Not So.

The role Boreanaz was actually referring to was “The Fantastic Four”. Apparently the “Angel” star came close to snagging the role of Ben

Grimm/The Thing in the film, but Michael Chiklis was the winner at the end of the day.

All is not lost for Buffy’s beau. He’s just tested for “Superman” and word is, Bryan Singer liked him. Whether he likes him enough to headline the pricey blockbuster is yet to be determined, but Singer did take to the former WB fave.

Source: Moviehole