World’s Finest Superman Auditions for WB

SHH! just learned that World’s Finest actor Michael O’Hearn had an audition for the new Superman film. Below is a brief description in Mike’s own words of what happened…

I went in on Tuesday at 2:45 at Warner Bros. and met with the casting director. They put me on tape, then last night I got a phone call from my manager who stated he talked to the casting director, and their response was they loved my reading, and they are sending me onto the next level. I hope the fans are on my side. Just to give you an update – all the people at Warner Bros. loved my size. They were all screaming out “Now that’s a jacked up Superman!” The other 2 guys that were reading besides me, were both about 5’10” and 160 lbs. I think they are looking for somebody taller, because the first thing they asked me when they put me on camera was how tall I was. 6’3″ – the same size as Superman.

We all wish Mike luck and look forward to more updates on the casting process of Superman. World’s Finest can be viewed here.

It would seem that Warner’s is still actively looking for their Superman, and that the rumors of Jim Caviezel being cast are still up in the air.

Source: MikeOHearn