UPDATE: Pics of the Las Vegas Batman Billboard

‘Mauricio’ was cool enough to take some snapshots for us of the before-mentioned Batman billboard. As you can see, it is definitely not the new Bat-logo as featured on the Batman Begins official website, so we’re thinking this is promoting something else.

Could it be for the Kids’ WB!’s animated The Batman series premiering on Saturday, September 11th instead? Even that logo (see the Flash intro and Batman’s chest) is slightly different. The below logo is more like the ones used for the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher films.

UPDATE: ‘Kornblow’ has the answer…

In response to the logos in Vegas. Actually all next week is Magic, the industry show for licensed clothing for the up coming year. Batman is going to have a heavy push from Warners. They are using the logos as promo pieces as they are about to push heavy again on the bat for the next year. Thats what the promos are for.

Source: Mauricio