Jon Voight Talks Ghost Rider

Latino Review caught up with Jon Voight and asked him about the Ghost Rider status. Here’s a few clips…

Voight said that rewrites may make the character he’s up for too young for him, but nothing is certain yet. Voight could only say that his would be a devil-like character, but would not name names. “It’s a very mysterious substance, that piece. It’s a devil force that has enlisted this young man in his despair over losing his loved one. Then he finds that he’s trapped in this aspect and then fights it. It’s a very beautiful story really, beautiful love story as well.”

Yet, in the months since Mark Steven Johnson was confirmed as director, Voight has not met with him. “I’ve talked to Mark Steven Johnson but I haven’t met with him about it yet. He and Nic have had many discussions.”

Click the link above for the full interview. Thanks to ‘Big Gun’ for the heads up.

Source: Superhero Hype!