Batman Begins Chicago Weekend Set Reports

While filming is wrapping, the Batman Begins set reports just keep on coming in. First up is ‘Syphilis’…

Hi, so last night I was in Chicago with some friends watching the filming of Batman, and after much sneaking around and getting kicked out, we managed to get to where they keep the new Batmobiles. A stunt man told us all the info about them so here it is: They built 9 of them from scratch but only 7 remain, they have Chevy 350’s that have to be making a lot of horsepower, they have taken them over 100 mph and the one that I got to climb on and look into jumped 60 feet twice yesterday (I think he meant horizontally not vertically). I know a lot of people, including myself, think that the new look is pretty ugly, but once you see it up close it looks pretty amazing, a lot like a futuristic mini-tank with stealth technology.

‘Anthony Lee’ also wrote…

Tonight around 7:45 p.m. I was one street over from Randolph, around a Taco Bell/KFC and there the “Batman Begins” crew was just getting ready for their 3a.m. to 12p.m. shoot. While there I saw many trailers and crew members getting prepared. At one point I saw a firetruck drive next to the film crew and I saw a waterhose hooked up as well. I even saw a Gothan Police Department vehicle driving down the street, which then turned right on Randolph likely heading to a nearby parking garage. Then later that night around 9:30 p.m. I went around an bridge that overlooked the production crew that was parked in an alley and I saw another Gotham City Police car, this time it had a camera mounted on it. I saw crew members with walkie talkies on their belts and felt nervous about taking a picture of it at first, fearing one would tell me to give them my camera so they could confiscate the film, but then this father and his family came over and he explained to them about how they were filming a new Batman movie. That’s when I waited for him to get done, then when he turned away and blocked the production crew’s view of me, I looked, aimed, and shot a picture of that Gotham City police vehicle with the camera mounted on it. It was a disposable camera so there was no way to turn off my flash, but I still did it anyway. I took it and then walked off calm and cool as if I was doing some sort of secret spy undercover work. I plan on going downtown tomorrow morning early as well to see some of the actual film shoot since I had to leave early Saturday night. I took pictures and plan to take more in the morning. I plan to get them put on a Kodak photo CD tomorrow and submit them here. Also I’d like to verify another report that was submitted Thursday that said they were doing helicopter passes around the Chicago River. Well I was in that area earlier around Wacker Drive and I saw the same Red and White helicopter flying by over and over again obviously filming something in the city. It took place not long after the Air and Water Show ended as the report said.

Source: Superhero Hype!