New York Post Talks Superman Casting

Have you been wondering why Superhero Hype! is staying quiet about all the Superman casting rumors going around? Trust us, we do official checks with the studio, but there’s not much to report yet. Why? Check out this article from the New York Post

“We have to find someone over 6 feet tall, with good looks, who can act. It’s a little on the difficult side,” says Seattle casting agent Patty Kalles, who held the open call. She told The Post there would also be auditions in New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Dallas and Los Angeles.

“Last week was pretty pathetic. I was like, God, is that all there is? I mean, they were nice on the eyes, but …”

It’s not as if there’s no one in Hollywood who fits the bill. But a Who’s Who of Hollywood hunks – Jude Law, Ashton Kutcher, Josh Hartnett, Brendan Fraser and Paul Walker among them – reportedly refused to don the blue tights for “Superman Returns: Unbelievable.”

“They’ve had such a run of bad luck getting this thing together,” says Martin Grove, a columnist for Hollywood Reporter Online.

“Casting a role that’s as high-profile as Superman is obviously a major piece of work. And the bigger the star, the more insecure they are” – which translates to skittishness about signing on to a project that’s had a revolving-door relationship with directors.

Visit the link above for the full article and more actors they’ve gone through.

Source: New York Post