Alex Ross & Bill Pope Talk Spider-Man 2

The Chicago Sun-Times talked to artist Alex Ross about his upcoming projects and he also chatted about his work on Spider-Man 2

“Sam Rami [the film’s director] had an idea to retell the story of the first film and approached me,” Ross says. Ross did 20 paintings for the film and his work can been seen in the opening sequence. He says the experience was daunting.

“At the last second I was still working on an image of Tobey [Maguire, Peter Parker/Spider-Man] and Kirsten [Dunst, Mary Jane Watson]. I could get the likeness of the guy who poses for me as Superman wrong and you’d never know it. Everybody in the world knows what they look like, though.”

Sony owns the art outright but plans to auction the paintings for charity. Not surprisingly, Ross’ originals and signed and numbered limited-edition prints fetch “real art prices.”

We’ll keep you updated on that charity auction. Meanwhile, ‘Robert’ pointed out a great interview with the film’s director of photography Bill Pope which you can find at International Cinematographer’s Guild.

Spider-Man 2 has earned $685.3 million worldwide so far.

Source: Superhero Hype!